Calendar, Temperature, and Wind


Calendar is based on real-life Gregorian Calendar which is the combination of days months and years, Calendar also indicates seasons according to real-world northern hemisphere. The calendar does not only show days months years or seasons but also indicate wind and rain according to its season.

Sometimes, special day according to the calendar, shows us


Temperature is mainly based on Biome and Seasons but also got affected by Winds, Rains, and Time. Temperature is not only a number shows how cold each place is but also effect to plants, crops or animal. Here is a table shows the environment factor specifically temperature.


Wind is mainly random, you cannot predict its direction nor its speed, you can only know the range of speed by looking at the season and time. Wind is a global variable which mean it is the same everywhere on earth (world named "world").


Relation between Wind, Temperature, and Calendar.

The main key to all variables above is the temperature, which is the main link between each variable, for example, the temperature is depending on the wind speed, the faster the wind is the colder it gets, and season which changes according to the calendar also affect the wind speed and the temperature. The relation between each variable and other factors can be shown below as a formula:

Temperature = T0 + TL + S + TTB + W

T0 = Base Temperature at certain block (°C)
TL = Light Factor at certain block (T0 x Light Factor)
S = Season and Time Factor
TTB = Turbulence of weather (Wind direction and speed will be calculated here)
W = Weather status at the moment

TTB = 13.12 + ((0.6215 * T0) - (11.37 * (T0)(16/100))) + (0.3965 * T0 * (Vwind)(16/100))


TTB = Turbulence of weather (°C)
T0 = Base Temperature at certain block (°C)
Vwind = Wind velocity at the moment (m/s)